Anna Tucker

Anna Tucker, M.S.

Director, Strategic Analytics and Epidemiology

Anna Tucker has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and consulting area for over 11 years. As a valued member of Tessellon, Anna’s expertise is focused on market analytics and mathematical modeling. These advanced skills allow Anna to tackle complex forecasting/models (i.e. in-line forecasting and patient flow models) as well as challenging epidemiological assessments. Anna has relevant industry experience and knowledge of many therapeutic areas including dermatology and oncology.

Anna’s academic qualifications include an M.S. in applied mathematics at Iowa State University. This background enables her to be an excellent programmer and modeler for developing functions and tools that clients wish to incorporate in models to make them user-friendly. Her analytical astuteness and ability to solve complex problems helped make her successful in her 4+ years of healthcare consulting at the Mattson Jack Group. Gaining valuable therapeutic knowledge in her capacity at MJG, she then pursued specific industry experience as a Manager of Market Forecasting and Research at Stiefel, a global leader in dermatology. Her considerable skillset in mathematics and modeling, analyzing and querying large datasets and database programs, and her industry experience have helped her become a valuable Tessellon team member.