Customized Access
to Global Cancer Data

With 35+ tumors (solid and hematopoietic) and 80+ countries, one can query any combination of factors customized for your business area. Each country specific data set has been rigorously analyzed to create an accurate view of the epidemiology of specific cancer types. The database is fully documented with the sources and assumptions used to support the global numbers.

User Friendly and Interactive

PRECISE displays a visualization map of cancers by anatomical sites.

Each tumor can be customized so that key considerations and patient segments are included for the tumor:

  • Relevant stages/grades
  • Tumor specific treatments
  • Important tumor markers
  • Advanced stage lines of therapy


Registry data for 80+ countries used to create country specific cancer epidemiology

Algeria Croatia Hungary Malta Russia United Kingdom
Argentina Cyprus India Mauritania Saudi Arabia United States
Armenia Czech Republic Indonesia Mexico Serbia Uruguay
Australia Denmark Iran Morocco Singapore Uzbekistan
Austria Dominican Republic Ireland Netherlands Slovakia Venezuela
Bahrain Ecuador Israel New Zealand Slovenia
Belarus Egypt Italy Nicaragua South Africa
Belgium El Salvador Japan Norway South Korea
Bolivia Estonia Jordan Oman Spain
Bosnia Finland Kazakhstan Pakistan Sweden
Brazil France Kuwait Panama Switzerland
Bulgaria Germany Latvia Peru Taiwan
Canada Greece Lebanon Philippines Thailand
Chile Guatemala Libya Poland Tunisia
China Herzegovina Lithuania Portugal Turkey
Columbia Honduras Luxemburg Qatar Ukraine
Costa Rica Hong Kong Malaysia Romania United Arab Emirates

Fully Documented

Sources and assumptions used to create the data

Customized Treatment Data

Users can customize treatment data depending on the source of information. Easily integrate user specific data purchased on the secondary market; or Tessellon can conduct primary market research to help customize the treatment data

User-Defined Indications

Users can create their own specific indications aligning with clinical trials or product label to visualize the size of the market by each indication

Flexible Access

Pay for complete or partial access based on your needs. Unlimited yearly database access - maintenance fees required with no forced renewal, upgrade when you are ready!


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