Health Statistics and Comorbidity
Data for the U.S.

Analyzing detailed health statistics and comorbidity data is essential to creating accurate sales forecasts for your market.

VennHealth™ is an easy-to-use Web-based program that allows you to quickly and reliably query health statistics and comorbidity data for the U.S. market. With access to comprehensive and reliable data, you’re able to gain better knowledge of your product’s market to:

  • Create precise disease definitions
  • Establish the value of additional and possibly related indications
  • Understand the magnitude of patients that may be excluded from therapy
  • Create custom patient segmentation in comorbid diseases/conditions
  • Determine diagnosis rates in the general population for specific diseases

How can VennHealth™ help you?

By analyzing detailed participant-level data using VennHealth, you’re able to:

Craft specific populations – Define the level or severity of the disease as well as whether the potential patient is diagnosed or has awareness of their disease

Eliminate errors – Avoid “double-counting” potential patients in your forecast for products that can be used to treat more than one disease or condition.

Create more useful forecasts – Provide an accurate forecast of market potential in both exclusive and overlapping segments among a variety of conditions or diseases. Based on the most recent data, results are projected to future years for easy import into a forecasting model.

Data Source

Data is sourced from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). Eighteen years of historical data are available.

25 definable conditions in 4 main categories:



Other Diseases

Other Measures


  • Flexible disease definition through:
  • Diagnostic threshold limits
  • Inclusion or exclusion of diagnosed and/or treated patients

Data can be reported for a single disease or combination of up to 5 diseases (31 disease combinations). The results are shown in both a Venn diagram (for up to 3 diseases; 7 disease combinations) and a table and are epidemiologically projected through 2050.


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