Linda Meeh

Linda Meeh, Ph.D.

Director, Strategic Marketing and Client Services

Linda Meeh has worked in the healthcare and life science industries for over 19 years including over 6 years of consulting experience. She has brought her marketing management experience and industry know-how back to the consulting world to meet our client demands. Her focus is on complex epidemiology models and helping expand Tessellon’s services to include market research and portfolio management. Together with her background in strategic marketing and forecasting, she adds complementary talent to the existing Tessellon team.

Linda’s academic qualifications include a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Washington University, St. Louis. Linda has a breadth of scientific acumen in a variety of fields ranging from medical imaging, agriculture, infectious disease, and immunoassay research. Linda worked at Mallinckrodt Medical where she developed magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents. During her 5 year tenure at bioMerieux Vitek, Dr. Meeh served as a staff chemist gaining valuable knowledge in the infectious disease area. Her business experience is a result of over 6 years of consulting experience obtained while at the former Mattson Jack Group. Her emphasis at MJG was portfolio strategy and market assessment as a broad therapeutic knowledge expert. Prior to joining Tessellon, Linda was Director of Strategic Marketing at EMD Millipore where she managed a franchise of biomarkers and immunoassays and the evaluation of numerous protein and nucleic acid detection technologies for the life science and diagnostic markets. Linda’s combination of business and scientific experience enables her to be a successful market strategist known for her “big picture” vision and realistic analysis.