Forecasting and Market Analytics Services

Forecasts are used as planning and analysis tools in the industry. Let Tessellon help you make sure yours are accurate.

With an array of forecasting solutions and services, we offer unique tools to help you get to the information you need—quickly and cost efficiently. We create forecasts by constructing spreadsheet models at various levels, from a broad view of the overall value of a market to specific and detailed product forecasts. Our experience ranges from dynamic patient flow models that track patients over time and by therapy to in-line product forecasting, detailed monthly and by product strength.

All forecasts are customized to include key market dynamics and are driven by specific events that you identify.

We create custom forecasts through:

  • Market definition in terms of epidemiology
  • Analysis of historical audit data
  • Consideration of product consumption
  • Identification of current market trends
  • Quantification of specific future events
  • Understanding product pricing
  • Flexible reporting of forecast results and marketing scenarios
Core Forecasting Methodology

In addition, Tessellon offers the guidance and expertise to determine which type of model/forecasts you need, depending on your questions, information you have to drive assumptions in the model and desired outputs. We can help you with your forecast, whether you require a patient flow model that tracks incident patients through lines of therapies or progression of disease; a more simplistic, static prevalence patient based model or just assessing consumption of units and trends.