DxPro® enables you to quickly and reliably query diagnosis and procedure data for U.S. patients. An easy-to-use Excel-based program, DxPro® makes it possible for you to:

  • Project diagnosed patients and procedures performed for the U.S. population
  • Segment information by types of medical facilities to focus your analysis
  • Elucidate drug market share from diagnosed patients

Benefits of DxPro®

  • Save time finding the information you need for diagnoses and procedures:
    • Easy to use
    • Translates multiple complex government raw data files into a single software package with simple interface
  • Generate flexible and unlimited disease definitions that can be tailored to any market, with specific ICD-9-CM codes
  • Develop resource allocation for type of treatment facility (hospital versus office setting)
  • Support sales forecasts through specification of diagnosed and treated patient segments
  • Project data to future years and easily import into forecasting models

Data Sources

Data is sourced from three comprehensive surveys organized by the CDC/National Center of Health Statistics, conducted yearly.

  • The National Hospital Discharge Survey
  • The National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
  • The National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey

Patient records are directly collected from medical professionals in their office, clinic or hospital, under the supervision of specially trained interviewers.

Using standardized ICD-9-CM codes specifying diagnoses and procedures, multiple diagnoses and procedures are recorded for each patient to illustrate a complete picture of the patient's health status.

Drug administration data is captured for diagnoses and procedures (physician's office, out-patient hospital, and ER data only).

Reports give the top 10 drugs classes and the top 10 drugs used in each class.