Our History

In 2006, a new idea in pharmaceutical and biotechnology consulting was born. At its heart was the desire to succeed where none had before: create a simple path to solve the most complex challenges. Combine deep analytical expertise with a high level of client support. And above all, a passion for solving the mysteries that no other consultant can.

Our team came together from the forecasting/modeling and science/technology departments of a major pharmaceutical consulting firm. There, we worked together for years to create fresh insights. Each of us eventually moved on to other companies, other challenges. But we continued to stay in touch and on occasion, collaborate.

Until the day came when the market was ready for better service. Stronger results. A higher dimension of consulting. It was time for Tessellon.

We have decades of combined experience working with small to large biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Our team members are skilled in disciplines as varied as mathematics, computer programming and scientific research and analysis. We've spent years as a combined team developing our unique set of knowledge, both in industry and on our own. Exploring new possibilities. Answering the tough questions. And always, delivering results our clients can believe in.